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Thermal Inspection and Thermographic Survey

Thermal Inspection or Thermography 

Thermal inspection and thermography are an essential tool for not only monitoring and displaying loss of energy in the workplace but also for things like building envelope inspections to monitor the heat loss through ineffective insulation etc.

Thermography is a powerful asset integrity tool providing you with analysis of your asset allowing the end user to make corrective decisions on how efficiently a component is performing or how much life there is left before the requirement for change.

Thermal Inspection also provides you with the necessary data to establish any wear and tear within your rotating components such as bearings, bushings and any other moving parts. But also a great tool for monitoring faults and overheating in electrical components due to a breakdown in insulation or excessive current, inductive heating or poor terminal connections.

DJM Aerial Solutions are able to assist you with your thermography requirements whether you are working within the construction sector and looking to establish energy losses from the ground up. Or are involved within the process industry and looking to include thermography as part of your asset maintenance routines around: flare stack, cooling towers, evaporator modules, pilot light systems or even superheaters, boilers or furnaces. We are able to help.

DJM Aerial Solutions have had a long-established career in engineering and are well placed to assist you with any of your thermal inspection requirements. Call us now to discuss your thermography needs. 01642 903779


Improved Maintenance Standards

Thermography can provide the required data to establish trend analysis of your asset allowing for increased and targeted decision making, thus reducing any unplanned none productive time or downtime issues due to the failure of essential components.

Building Envelope Improvements

Thermal cameras can provide the required data to give an overview of how well or how badly insulated a property or commercial building is especially important around hospitals and schools. The data can also provide an essential look into whether there are any failed areas allowing for penetration of external elements.

Asset Integrity Improvements

Thermography can help provide detailed inspection routines around assets such as flare stack, cooling towers, chimneys, gas separation modules, flare towers, pilot light systems, wind turbines, solar parks, cracking units, waste gas ducts etc.

Assets Benefitting of Thermal Survey

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