Mapping and Photogrammetry

DJM Aerial Solutions are committed to providing the client with as much beneficial data as possible. We are now able to offer Mapping in the way of Orthorectified Images, 3D images, Orthomosaics, NDVI, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and topographical land survey to our portfolio, all via the use of our high spec fleet of drones and heightened ability to operate and process the captured data accordingly.

These new methods are an absolute must during construction phases of new build sites. We can collect topographical data to absolute accuracy implementing ground control points (GCP’s) saving copious man hours on the ground. The data is then uploaded to our specialist software and analysed with precision resulting in centimeter accurate 3D and 2D models allowing the client to scrutinise within their own time. Providing the means necessary to improve workflow during any new development or construction phase.

Digital Elevation Model

A digital elevation model (DEM) provides the visual data towards how the land lies allowing for accurate drainage planning or showing possible flood planes or where water might naturally gather. When rectified to appropriate standards such as OSGB 36 and combined with terrain detailing (DTM) and surface model (DSM). The data becomes a vital part of any new project. Traditionally carried out using total stations or theodolites, drone technology now has the capability to provide the same outputs and can be just as accurate when used in combination with a GPS Rover or GNSS equipment.


NDVI providing Normalised Difference Vegetation Index and how healthy a crop is, or areas where the growth may need attention. This is vital in any precision agriculture during the growth period, please do talk to us regarding your project and we can integrate the required equipment with our drones and speak with your agronomist to adopt the best solution.

3D Images

3D images could be used for stockpile monitoring, capturing volumetric data, or possibly providing 3D images of structures which can be viewed in real-time allowing for accurate measurement and positioning of other placed assets or any maintenance that might be required. Particularly useful within the heritage sector when carrying out sensitive maintenance and repairs to stonework etc. Densified point cloud, HD meshes combined with any of the other deliverables provided can be an unrivaled tool during the planning of any new development or construction phase.

Orthorectified Images

Orthorectified images are essentially photogrammetry or a series of overlapping images stitched together and rectified against an ordinance survey base map which is of absolute accuracy.


Permanent Data Retention

Our fleet of drones can provide you with data as required, allowing you to retain the information to use with future projects, during construction of new sites or additions to existing infrastructure.

We can also retain the information for you, giving you access within the cloud on demand.

Superior Defect Detection

We can generate high definition 3D images of infrastructure to your requirements. These images can be viewed post processing allowing detailed inspection from the office through our cloud software. All defects are easily observed and can be pinpointed and blown up in realtime. The option is also there to view the images in virtual reality. This brings a new light on drone related aerial inspection allowing superior maintenance planning.

Progressive Trend Construction and Analysis

When trends are required on construction sites, mining sites or aggregate resources there is no method that exceeds unmanned aerial vehicle technology. We can provide you with digital information and models at set intervals providing progressive data trending and allowing volumetric analysis at regular intervals.

Exceptional Landmass Survey

We can provide several variations of orthomosaics, dependent on your requirements, allowing for thorough survey of the required land. We have access to some of the best drone technology within the industry for this purpose. We have the capability of generating topographical data such as; General Maps, Elevation Models, 3D Imagery, NDVI Images, and Volumetric Analysis. These can all be viewed and downloaded from our cloud based software.