Offshore Survey and Inspection

DJM Aerial Solutions have a wealth of knowledge in an offshore environment and are fully qualified to assist you and your inspection commitments. Members of our team have spent a great deal of their working lives in the oil & gas industry on various projects, different installations and vessels in all corners of the world. Based in the North East of England we can quickly mobilise to assist your project

DJM Aerial Solutions continue to retain all relevant qualifications required for the offshore industry, maintaining our knowledge within the industry.

DJM Aerial Solutions high specification drone has multiple redundancies in every aspect, making it one of the safest drones on the market. With no risk of magnetic interference and dual IMU’s, dual battery configuration and automated indication of additional aircraft approaching, IP43 rated weather protection and millimetre precision, DJM Aerial Solutions will be difficult to outclass placing us high on the leaderboard.

DJM Aerial Solutions have the ability to inspect the client asset whilst it continues operational campaign, in most cases minimal demand for shut down for any period of time is required. However if shut down is imminent then our ground team can carry out the inspection and cover a great deal of ground hastily, minimising any loss of revenue.

DJM Aerial Solutions aim to carry out our own risk assessments, followed by written work instruction, pre-flight inspections and configurations and toolbox talks where relevant. We will take all involved under our control, adhering to the CAA safety standards and our own operations manual prior to implementation of survey. We are acquiescent in all offshore safety standards, regulations and procedures and will include this knowledge within our own safety briefings.


Unimpeded Access to Arduous Areas

Occasionally during regular inspection in an offshore environment access and egress can be problematic, especially during live operations. Our drone technology can be the answer to these issues especially where working at height is a requirement. We have the ability to check areas at height, eradicating any risk associated with human involvement.

Health and Safety Improvement

Unmanned aerial vehicle use can heavily improve the current fatality/injury statistics. Currently 30 % of all fatalities within the workplace are down to falls from height, with 57 % being weighted towards serious injury from slips, trips and falls from height. We aim to help bring down these numbers by avoiding the requirement for personnel to access areas for inspection that are deemed hazardous.

Improved Production Efficiency

Live operations generally take priority over any outstanding maintenance. Our drone technology can be integrated into your operational plan allowing for live inspections where necessary. Production can continue and there is no requirement for any non productive time, which would be the case if human interaction was a concern.

Colossal Cost Reduction

Traditional methods of rope access teams, scaffolding and elevated platforms are all not only risky but very time consuming, resulting in greater expense. Not only for the work these third party employees cary out, but also the requirement for shut down of certain assets. This eats into the company maintenance and repair budgets and profit margins. Our fleet of drones can dramatically reduce these figures helping you to better assign your budget elsewhere.