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Confined Space Inspection and Survey

Confined space entry can be a tedious task under normal circumstances. Whether the inspection process is within a storage tank, a ballast tank, a boiler or a pressure vessel. The process generally remains the same.

The process that feeds the storage tank or confined space must first be shut down and isolated prior to opening the space to the elements. The confined space must then be made safe, either by venting to atmosphere, displacing the stagnant air within with fresh oxygen or left for a set period to allow sufficient circulation. Then the oxygen levels must be monitored internally as well as toxic gas levels such as H2S or Hydrocarbons.

Once gas levels are found to be dispersed the next process would be to start the confined space entry permit certification which in itself is a huge task. Trained personnel only, with escape set familiarisation, oxygen and gas monitors, two personnel to enter the tank and two to stay on the surface plus a winch to allow for the hoist of personnel if emergency circumstances dictate.

The situation is extremely volatile and can drastically change in an instant. Not to mention the loss in revenue incurred towards the shutdown and either reduction in productivity or complete downtime.

Similar circumstances dictate when boiler inspection or furnace survey is required the boiler must be brought down to a reasonable temperature prior to entry. A scaffold must be erected or a decision made to utilise rope access personnel.  Generally, rope access is the preferred option. However is still extremely costly and laden with potential risk.

Confined Space Drone Technology

DJM Aerial Solutions are now able to offer confined space, storage tank and pressure vessel inspection utilising confined space drone technology, we have access to some of the highest specification UAV on the market and our fleet of equipment is developed and manufactured around asset integrity inspection.

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Cost Efficient Service

Boiler Inspection / Boiler Survey UAV

The total financial outlay surrounding a boiler inspection, for instance, can run into the region of £150,000. Dependent on the actual non-productive time required to shut down that particular asset and carry out the boiler survey. This will generally depend on the time taken to bring down the temperature, erect a several story high scaffold, carry out the inspection, disassemble the scaffold, and bring the boiler back online. A specialist internal inspection drone can carry out your boiler survey saving up to 24 hours downtime and taking only 5 hours utilising two engineers. But will also provide you with the required targeted data needed around any possible repair requirements.

Improved HSE Standards

Confined space entry in any form is surrounded by risk, especially around tank entry or pressure vessel inspection. Which does carry a legal requirement to be carried out as part of your preventive maintenance structure. DJM Aerial Solutions Confined space drone technology provides the ability to inspect your asset without the requirement for manned inspection techniques thus eradicating the inherent risk.

Improved Maintenance Structure

Generally speaking, inspection routines are required by law and can be extremely costly dependent on the nature of the inspection which is usually invasive. However if our confined space drone technology is utilised in accordance with your maintenance plan we are certain that your budget will be better assigned going forward.