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Bespoke Promotional Media

DJM Aerial Solutions are well equipped to apply our drones, equipment and passion, towards creating high quality promotional drone footage for your project. We currently own several high specification drones or SUAS specifically manufactured to capture some of the most crystal clear 4K promotional drone footage available. Our Zenmuse series of cameras with interchangeable lenses are of the highest grade. With micro 4/3 sensor’s, 24 MP we are capable of capturing 4K footage at 30 frames per second using H.264.

High-resolution aerial photography is also available for any promotional or personal requirements. Our editing software and skill set is second to none with a quick turnaround on most projects.


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Event Coverage:
Sports Events, Community Events, Local Events, Motor Sport Events, Bespoke Videography, Aerial Photography, Crowd Surveillance

Promotional Media:
Local Media, National Media, Global Media, Property/Estate Marketing. Bespoke Videography, Aerial Photography, Crowd Surveillance, Property/Estate Photography

Areas of Public Interest:
Landscape Photography, Bespoke Videography, General Marketing


Aesthetic Media Capture

Standard methods of capturing promotional media can give excellent results when executed well, showcasing your assets at a reasonable level. However when paired with 4K aerial footage the scenes captured give an unparalleled perspective not otherwise used, providing you with exceptional results.

Our fleet of high specification drones and cameras are designed for this purpose, delivering high clarity footage or imagery.

Improved Financial Overheads

Traditional methods of capturing aerial footage are done by using helicopters or possibly telescopic booms. With the added expense of a camera operator, budgets can soon run over making it difficult to justify. We can offer a range of options to suit every budget.

Weighted Assistance in Showcasing Assets

We can provide you with beautiful high resolution aerial Images and 4K videography of your estates, property or land to assist in the marketing of that asset.
We offer high quality images which showcase the estates best features from an angle not commonly used, providing weighted assistance to those interested in buying. First impressions are tantamount to initial viewing of a property which can assist in its sale or rental.
We currently offer several packages to suit your requirements, however we can offer a tailored solution to fit your needs.