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Agriculture Survey and Inspection

DJM Aerial Solutions are currently working within the UK agriculture sector, helping clients to monitor crop health. Agricultural producers must embrace revolutionary strategies for producing food, increasing productivity, and making sustainability a priority.  By utilising our high spec drones, it allows you to address several of these major challenges. Drones are part of the solution and we can assist with plans to improve future yields within uk agriculture.

Utilising our high specification drone technology, we can produce data within the NDVI spectrum, identifying which parts of a field are dry or need improvements contributing towards your crop scouting agenda. Additionally, once the crop is growing, our drones can continuously monitor your crop health allowing the calculation of the vegetation index, describing the relative density and crop health, displaying the heat signature (the amount of energy or heat the crop emits) allowing for early disease detection and improved survival statistics.

DJM Aerial Solutions also carry the ability to monitor land mass which was previously carried out via satellite, with image quality dependent on certain conditions and limitations to when the satellite is positioned correctly, providing inaccurate, poor quality imaging and data requisition. Satellite based services also come at a high cost and advanced booking is required.

DJM Aerial Solutions drone related services empower your business, providing you with greater flexibility and immediate data capture.  DJM Aerial Solutions can offer the option for live view or recorded images and footage or both if necessary.


Improved Crop Health

Our drones are capable of collecting essential data and processing it within third party cloud software providing you with elevation models, Neutral Density Vegetation Index, 3D imagery or general orthomosaics. All of which can assist you with improved crops and better yields

Crop Scouting & Improved Yields

With the agricultural sector developing within an extremely cost competitive industry, farmers are reliant on ground based data to capture information to achieve better yields. We are able to assist you with the crop scouting you require from an aerial perspective. Our drones can be off the ground in minutes after arriving on site and cover ground a great deal faster than traditional methods.

Early Disease Detection

Agricultural producers must embrace revolutionary strategies for producing food and increasing productivity. By utilising our high specification equipment to capture precision aerial data, it allows you to address several major challenges including crop disease. We can offer regular monitoring of your crops during the growth period and provide you pinpoint accurate results allowing you to address any issue immediately.

We have the ability to utilise our high specification drones to produce data within the NDVI spectrum, identifying which parts of a field are dry or need improvements. Additionally, once the crop is growing, our drones can be used to grab essential information assisting in the calculation of required data. Allowing for early disease detection and improved survival statistics

Colossal Cost Reduction

These kind of services were carried out in the past by hiring small aircraft, relying on satellite technology, or man hours on the ground. All extremely unreliable in comparison. We are now able to provide an accurate service more reliable than the traditional methods at a fraction of the cost.

Satellite imagery is very temperamental and can only be achieved during clear skies and at set times within the day, the end results is generally a poor quality outcome. Hiring a small aircraft and photographer with the correct equipment is again not so cost effective after factoring in all relative overheads. Personnel crop scouting at ground level is also very costly and time consuming. Our drones can cover approximately 25 acres in 30 minutes, providing you with the extra time to concentrate on other projects.

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