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Highly Experienced

Members of our team have spent a great deal of their careers in the oil and gas industry on various large scale projects, different installations and vessels in all corners of the world. We bring this knowledge to each of our drone related projects.

About Us
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Specialist Services

DJM Aerial Solutions are a leading commercial drone service provider in the North East specialising in asset integrity inspection and survey using high specification drone technology. We are currently able to provide services throughout the North East and the UK.

Our Services
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Fully Qualified

All pilots have been trained to the highest standard and have attained their PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) under the guidance and experience of one of the leading NQEs within the UK.

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Drone Services


Industrial Drone Inspection and Survey

The safety concerns that stem from working at heights are eradicated instantly.  No risk is required when using UAV technology for inspection purposes.

Agricultural Drone Survey and Inspection

We are currently working within the UK agricultural sector, helping clients to monitor crop health. Agricultural producers must embrace revolutionary strategies for producing food, increasing productivity, and making sustainability a priority.

Utilities Drone Survey and Inspection

Wind turbine coatings and blade inspection are imperative to operators and it is essential to maintain these structures accordingly.

Bespoke Promotional Aerial Media

We currently own several high specification drones that are designed to capture some of the most crystal clear 4K footage available.

Drone Mapping and Photogrammetry

These new methods are an absolute must during construction phases of new build sites. We can collect topographical accurate data saving copious man hours on the ground. It is now essential for this Industry to utilise drones to remain competitive.

Offshore Drone Inspection and Survey

DJM Aerial Solutions have a wealth of knowledge in the offshore industry and are fully qualified to assist you and your inspection commitments.
DJM Aerial Thermal Inspection Thermographic inspection themal survey thermography survey flare stack inspection

Thermal Inspection and Survey Internal / External

We are able to provide you with thermal inspection using our high specification UAV and sensor options
DJM Aerial Solutions Confined Space Drone technology Tank Inspection Boiler inspection boiler survey uav

Internal Inspection and Survey RGB / Thermal

We have the ability to provide confined space and tank inspection utilising our industry-leading drone technology Ideally suited to boiler survey and confined space entry.
Aerial Estate Photography Aerial Property Media estate aerial media of a chateu in France estate drone property photography videography

Property and Real Estate Aerial Photography / Videography

We currently own several high specification drones that are designed to capture some of the most crystal clear 4K footage and high-resolution imagery available.

Looking For An Approved Drone Pilot?

Our fully trained & qualified drone pilots are available to speak with you about your project. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.

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